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Facebook Ads Management

Designer: Pop Up Plus

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Please note this is a monthly fee and not inclusive of your Facebook ads budget. 


While other social media agencies might focus solely on engagement, such as how many Likes an ad or page receives, we are driven by results that impact a company’s bottom line. We work with each client individually to determine their unique goals. We then leverage Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach customers and prospects. As part of our Facebook advertising management process, we work on:


  • Strategic Alignment & Goal Development
    • works with clients to ensure they understand their marketing goals and how Facebook advertising can play a role in achieving them
  • Reaching Your Target Audience
    • Development of buyer personas to help eliminate wasteful, untargeted Facebook spending to allow for more targeted messaging to the right audience
  • Conversion Focused
    • approach is more direct-response focused than engagement focused
    • Maximizing conversion volume (or ROI) while minimizing conversion cost
  • Daily Optimization
    • Facebook ad management is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” form of advertising
    • Regular monitoring and managing of campaigns to make adjustments when needed:
      • Budget allocation
      • Bid management
      • Ad copy testing
      • Targeting optimization
  • Test, Test & Test
    • When data guides marketing strategy, it is necessary to know how changes can impact performance
    • Development and testing of landing page variations and ad creatives to leverage the creative elements that deliver the best results

Ask About Tier 2: $600/monthly

    • Reporting
      • Detailed monthly reports that show historical progress on all ad campaign metrics as well as the current action items being implemented to improve performance
      • Analytics expertise to ensure your traffic and conversion volumes are accurate

Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allow advertisers to create custom groups of Facebook users to market to, utilizing:

    • Customer Lists
      • Match emails, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or mobile advertiser IDs to people on Facebook
    • Website Traffic (Remarketing)
      • Create a list of people who visit your website or view specific web pages
    • App Activity
      • Create a list of people who have taken a specific action in your app or game