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"And Hello Brooklyn b-b-baby you are the sweetest thing eyes can see 
I said Hello Brooklyn but baby I hope you.......
you never say goodbye to me 
I said Hello Brooklyn b-b-Baby
you are so damn fine to me and I remember the time, place, &
The weather on the day you said hi to me
and I say Hello Brooklyn ~ JAY-Z 
Brooklyn...that style....that swagger.....the mean mug......intense sexiness....
Ride from one neighborhood to another experiencing 10 cultures in between, Caribbean, Italian, Korean... the worlds stories collide.
A style so sweet, edgy, bright, funny, gangsta, real, rude, yellow, orange, black, white....the way we talk, talk, talk ...."Taww-uhk"......"I am from Noo Yawk" "R's.....just Brooklyn......
It's in this complicated scene where we tell our latest fashion story with our fav pieces from some of the hottest Indie Designers.  Yes, Brooklyn, but this is your city summer story too...
Someday's we chill at the barbershop in our Siesta Set in Tropical Blue. Another weekend, that cute guy Mark is playing ball next to the handball court so we decide to get way overdressed with our pink tutu, but we don't want him to know we've been crushing on him since last summer so we add a Varsity Crop Top... playful but not too serious.  On Saturday we head to a Day Party in our Sao Paulo Swim Top with our Purple Ribbon Skater Skirt.....because we just have to stand out....and of course we're the only one brave enough to do it!  Actually we change our mind and decide on the Sexy Blue Sheer Panel Dress just as edgy, just as hot.  On another hot summer day we give our Silk Crop top some edge with a bright pant or rock our White Sheer Panel top with whatever the heck we choose....Sao Paulo swimsuit bottom maybe?
Thing is who's BROOKLYN...............
Model: Ronnie Howard
Stylist: On The Q Train
Photographer: Kwesi Abbensetts


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